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I'm currently pursuing publication for Requiem for a Caged Bird, while Daughter of Fire has become my "back burner" project. The cover images below are prototypes and will be updated once publication is eminent.

Requiem for a Caged Bird​

BASTIAN GRAVES isn't your normal bookstore owner. He's semi-immortal and a part-time private eye who travels to different worlds, retrieving stolen property and battling the Scrits and Murks of the Shadowlands. When not defending himself against furred and clawed foes, Bastian runs The Falinn Bookshop, Portland, Oregon's only magical bookstore, with his shapeshifting brother, Neeko.

Decades ago, Maggie found a place in his heart and his bed. It took years to recover when she left, and now a much older Maggie shows up at The Falinn with her autistic granddaughter, hoping he knows how to stop the Scrit in Aderyn's closet from continuing to torment her.

Permanently keeping the monsters away is simple; a special crystal from another world solves that problem. Dealing with emotional turmoil after they leave is more complex, and can only be solved by drinking way too much tequila.

The next morning Bastian learns Maggie is hospitalized and Aderyn has been kidnapped. Maggie's injuries prove the attack/kidnapping was committed by Shadowlanders, but Bastian soon finds he's unable to track Aderyn as he normally would. Desperate and guilt-ridden, Bastian turns to the leaders of Portland's supernatural community, but what he finds out doesn't make him feel any better.

Bargains will be made and secrets revealed as the bookseller becomes the hunter.

Daughter of Fire

Helen of Agralee is a fierce warrior who wants nothing to do with her family’s legacy of being the Guardian, the protector of the people of Davosad. Trained since childhood in the fighting arts and the only woman in the country of Cruinn allowed to fight, Helen has grown arrogant and selfish. To remedy this her father, Kurel, the current Guardian, sends her to Tieton Abbey to learn humility. She rebels, but her desires matter little.


Once there, Vulcan of Norlad quickly becomes her enemy while Galen, High Prince of Cruinn, and Brother Patrick, an ex-mercenary posing as a monk, become allies. When Kurel is murdered by Demion, insect, bat, and wolf-like creatures, the power seeks out Helen. It burns its way through her body, forever changing her—and the world.


Faced with her new responsibilities and new power, is there any room left for love?

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