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Welcome to my new website!

I plan to update you with more information as my calendar changes, but as of right now my biggest news is the publication of an excerpt of Requiem for a Caged Bird on The Fictional Cafe,

I'm very excited to introduce Bastian Graves and his cohorts to the world. I wrote my first Bastian story fifteen years ago. It was mostly to practice a new writing style and I put it aside when I finished. Recently, at the suggestion of a fellow writer, I picked it back up again. I didn't read it. I just thought about Bastian and then wrote about him. What I ended up with was the bare bones of Requiem and a whole new story I knew would be tons of fun. And I was right!

To read the excerpt on The Fictional Cafe, you need to register as a member—I know, it seems everyone wants you to register for something these days. Have no fear, registering will only ensure you receive emails notifying you of new publications, and really, how is that bad?—and you will be able to curl up in your favorite armchair and enjoy Requiem for a Caged Bird.

I will be attending the Willamette Writer's Conference in Portland, OR Aug. 4th-6th at the Sheraton Hotel located near Portland International Airport. If you have any questions or just want to hobnob, I will be glad to chat.

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