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At Home in Mount Vernon, Ohio!

I would like to apologize to all my friends and fans for my two year absence. Life got very busy for me between a divorce, a cross-country move, and my Fibromyalgia's progression. A chronic disease is debilitating and it forces one to examine one's priorities.

As for me, I found whenever life became too much I would load up my car with my dog, Bumper, and some good snacks and head for the country. Along the way I realized that the place of peace I was seeking wasn't in Oregon, but in Ohio. To be with my family.

Sometimes the call of HOME is too strong and we can only offer ourselves up to whatever it holds. So I started over. A new house. Three more fur babies. The disarray of work, writing when I am able, pondering a painting or three, all this leaves me exhausted, but as I write this, I find I'm smiling. I tried writing this yesterday while having breakfast at a local diner (the sausage links were amazing), and I think food made my speech a bit more eloquent. :)

Life in Knox County, Ohio is turning out to be a great ride and as spring approaches I can feel the stories begin to rise to my mind's surface. For all of you who have read the first Sebastian Graves story, Requiem for a Caged Bird, I want to assure you that the second part, Albatross Fallen, will bring our hero one step closer in discovering his true parentage and his increasing abilities.

My friends, we are headed deep underwater, and who knows what lurks in the mad hearts of those who desire power.

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